Sessions: How they Work

Your photos, Your legacy.

Your photos should tell your story, authentically. In 10, 20, 30, years, you'll share them with your kids, and then, with the grandkids. You will remember not just what you looked liked "way back when," but what you were like. What your life was about. Your stories are so much more than just your face: they're where you live, and the people who share your days. Let's grab those details and connections while they're here.

If you know you want family photos, but are overwhelmed by the options, call me! I'll help you navigate the process. I love talking about photography, so these pre-booking consults are 100% commitment-free. If I offer what you want, we'll make a plan, and if you're still unsure- no problem!

What to Expect- Lifestyle Sessions

Our time together will be laid-back, and calm. If there are young children involved, we'll be playing with them, holding them, and just letting your family interact so I can photograph those genuine moments for you. We'll do a few of everybody together and smiling, then spend the rest of the time photographing you having fun around the house, at the park, at the beach, or on a hike- whatever feels most "you." I'll get you positioned in great locations- but you don't have to worry about wrangling the kids to sit still and hold a pose- it's just not how I work. During our pre-session chat, we'll choose the location and activity for your family, based on what story you want to tell. Normally I shoot for 1-3 hours, and guarantee a gallery of at least 40 unique, fully finished images.

Family Documentary Sessions

For the sentimental families who cherish the messy beauty of home life, I offer family documentary sessions. Those time-capsule, day-in-the-life sessions make for beautiful albums, movies, and pack the most emotional impact. Are you a new couple? Let's document life when it's just the two of you. Are you a young family? Let's tell the story of the crumbs on the floor, the sticky fingers, and the kid-giggles. Are you a grandparent? I wish I had more photos of me with mine. My grandpa and I used to spend afternoons playing checkers on the patio- I have no photos of that. I used to help my grandmother with her baking, and she'd tell me stories about growing up in her Finnish farm house. I don't have any photos of just the two us us together. I wish I did. I think, when it comes down to it, the memories we treasure, and the stories we pass on are the ones about the everyday.

Senior sessions

Senior portraits are all about expressing your individuality and style, beautifully. The senior session fee includes a professional hair and makup artist to make it a pampering experience. My job is making the best portaits of you that you've ever seen, and I take it seriously. Those sessions are 1-3 hours, but usually 2 hours is enough to get the full gallery of 35+ unique images.

Sample Client Galleries

Click here to see sessions from the blog- you'll get a sense of type and variety of images you could typically expect.

FAQ- Session Details

I will email complete session details to clients, but for those of you who want a little bit more information before we talk, here you are:

"Where will the session be?"

Alpena has tons of gorgeous locations. For seniors, we'll be outdoors around town. Newborns are at their home. Familes and couples sessions can be at a park or in town, and they're always fun to shoot around the home (or the cottage, if you're up here on vacation).

"How much do you edit?"

In your photos, you should look like yourself, at your best. So- minor blemishes vanish along with flyaway hairs, and other little annoyances. My general guideline is this: if it's temporary (a blemish, a bruise, etc.) it can go- but if it's permanent (birthmark, scar, etc) I won't change it unless you specifically ask me to.

"What am I supposed to wear?"

We'll talk about this and get it all figured out before your session- in the meantime, you can chceck out the Pinterest boards I've made with some ideas to get you started.

"Can I get digital files and do my own prints?"

Yes. A image purchases include the digital file and the print. All collections include both as well. Everybody has thousands of photos on thier phones and computers, so Pixel to Paper service means you enjoy your pics in the real world. It's important that you have something unique and lasting from your session.

"Do you have props?"

I shoot to show who you are, in your life, now. Your life is full of interesting stories as it is. However, if you have a meaningful item you'd like to include in a photo, I'd love to work with that.

How do I know you'll shoot what I like?"

I hope you look at my online photos before you hire me! But also, before the session, I consult with you to make sure we are on the same page in terms of what images are your absolute must-haves. We will plan the location, time, activity, and I help you with your outfits, too. I do everything I can to make the beautiful photos you want.

"How do I get my photos?"

A couple of weeks after your session, we meet for the reveal/ordering session where you select your favorites. I help design your wall art, create virtual displays for you, and guide you through the options and the ordering process. I will post to a private online gallery where you can view, share, and download. It's easy and fun.

"Can I get the unedited digitals and just edit them myself?"

You deserve my best finished work, so that's what I deliver. I ask that clients don't edit the files at all. I don't show or sell unedited images- that would be like an author selling a first draft article, or a chef selling a half-prepared meal.